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Dog Walkers in Hitchin Letchworth
Dog Walkers in Hitchin Letchworth

Established in 2006 Zig Zaks provides a professional, reliable and experienced dog walking service with my first priority being the care and happiness of your dog. 

I truly believe that I offer the best possible service for your dog at a competitive price.

Providing a hassle free service - from your initial enquiry to paying your monthly invoice.  My aim is to keep the process simple and easy for you.




Hi my name is Maria and I run Zig Zaks. I have been around animals for most of my life, riding and competing with horses when I was younger along with a mixture of canine friends.


Zig Zaks, named after our beautiful black Labrador Retriever pictured, was established in 2006 after researching and noticing that pet owners in Hitchin and Letchworth were lacking in the services of local reliable dog walkers.  That was 14 years ago now and today many more walkers have sprung up in the area. 


Being a pet owner I understand the everyday needs and time involved in caring for a pet. Zig Zaks provides you with the peace of mind that your pet is being cared for responsibly, and as an owner yourself you want to find somebody that you can rely on, and that they will take thorough due care and attention whilst they are with your pet.


Since starting Zig Zaks I have had some wonderful diverse customers and their dogs, some I started looking after when they were 8 weeks old and are still with me today.

Zak died in July 2018. It is so true when they say a pet becomes a family member.  We were absolutely devastated and still miss him to this day.


Sixteen months later we took the plunge and now have Mani, another black Labrador ..... all updates are on Instagram.

Security Vetted and Insured

Trusted since 2006




Dogs are walked as a group rather than on a 1:1 basis. I find they gain much more enjoyment, exercise and social interaction enhancing their "doggie etiquette" from playing with others, as they would naturally within a pack. Indeed some of the dogs do form good relationships when seeing each other every day which is wonderful to see. Human interaction is also very important as your dog must have trust in the relationship I have with them, so this is part of our routine as well.


All of my dogs are walked in countryside around Hitchin and Letchworth (never urban parks) where it is safe and away from roads and livestock. Basic skills are reinforced with the dogs, in particular the recall, "sit" and "wait" for their own safety and for that of others around. I rotate the use of a variety of walks so that they have an exciting place to explore (we don't trudge the same old route day in day out!!) and during hot weather periods we walk where they will have access to natural waters so that they can cool off with a swim if they enjoy the water.


Dog walking is available Monday to Friday. Walks are for one hour, however, they can be out of the house for longer allowing time for picking up and dropping off others.


For safety dogs are kept on the lead whilst in and around the vehicle and only let off lead once we are away from any possible danger. Dogs will only be walked off lead with the owner's written consent and only when I am happy that your dog knows and trusts me and will respond to the recall.


Before I walk your dog I will arrange a convenient time to come to your home to meet you and your dog where we can discuss your requirements and any queries you may have. A booking form will need to be completed with all relevant details.


Please note we do not do "one off" requests for dog walking.




An hour of fun! with other dogs (this does NOT including travel to and from the location).
Only safe walks in the country around Hitchin and Letchworth. We go to locations off the beaten track not where all the other dog walkers go so much more exciting.
Owner permitting your dog can be allowed off the lead to explore

Your home and property will be completely respected and I will never bring anyone else into your property
I will always contact you immediately regarding any concerns about your d
og or your home

INSTAGRAM stories available so you can tune in almost instantly to see what we are getting up to.

PLEASE DO GO TO MY INSTAGRAM PAGE.  All of my most recent pictures and "stories" go up on The Gram! 

Sorry - I don't do Facebook anymore!!


in his very smart cool coat

Bo ....
Bo ....

*not* chasing squirrels!

The Lovely Poppy
The Lovely Poppy

Keeping still for a change!


When he was a wee puppy.

Action Shot
Action Shot

Can't catch me!


Something smells smelly!

A Lovely Bunch
A Lovely Bunch

We do behave ... sometimes!

Under Orders
Under Orders

Love this one off them all lined up.

End of the Walk
End of the Walk

Mickey wanting a smacker from Jess!





Monday to Friday

excluding all public holidays

Dog Walking (1 hour)

One Dog


Second dog from the same household


Price includes: pick-up, drive to and from location, walk time, drying off, feed/water.




Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

For safety reasons I do not take calls when I am out walking unless absolutely necessary, so the quickest and easiest way is via email through this enquiry form and I will respond as quickly as possible.